Ok this is my very first interview for Carly’s Corner!! Let me introduce LeroySmith, one of our awesome admins…..thanks again Leroy for agreeing to let me interview you!


justa_foxx_in_soxx: HI Leroy, thanks for agreeing to be my first interview for Carly’s Corner!

LeroySmith: You’re welcome. I very much like the idea….
justa_foxx_in_soxx: So, Leroy, how long have you been coming to goodtimes and what keeps you coming back? 

LeroySmith: GoodTimes was the very first room I entered when I first signed in on PalTalk. That was in the spring of 2007. I became a regular guest and even did some admin stuff but then I started to drift and visited other rooms. Every now and then I popped in but because I very much wanted to sing I didn’t had the patience to wait in line. About a 2 months ago I rejoined and made many friends in this room. It’s because of them I keep coming back and started to get more involved….

justa_foxx_in_soxx: awesome so how do you like being admin in goodtimes?

LeroySmith: Hard, to be honest. It’s a very dynamic room with a lot of people coming in and out. A lot of people with their own story and each member need a different approach. I never realized the pressure of being an admin could be this high sometimes. But is IS a challenge…. and I very much want to be part of it all, hoping my contribution will have meaning
justa_foxx_in_soxx: wow great answer hun …so would you say you have a signature tune u like to sing?

LeroySmith: Um…. that’s a tough one.. That changes with my moods….. I guess a signature song is one that say alot about the person who I am. In that case I would say that “Anyway” by Martina McBride is one that is very close to my heart. But also “Mr. Songman” by Elvis Presley and “This Old Guitar” by John Denver. And I’m sure that i could come up with several others…. 

justa_foxx_in_soxx: all great songs LeroySmith: Thank you

justa_foxx_in_soxx: Are u a professional singer? Do you write your own songs?
LeroySmith: It depends on what you mean with “professional”. It’s not my job, I do not get paid…. but I do have a profesional approach. I take my music and singing very seriously because I wanna be as good as possible. I am a perfectionist. I have my own recording studio and I make most of my own backing tracks, playing all instruments and doing all vocals. I have written a few songs but I have to admit I’m not a good songwriter or composer
justa_foxx_in_soxx: yes i’ve noticed that about you……whenever you sing it sounds like you’re in a studio……very crisp clear sound…..but u know I love to hear you sing
LeroySmith: Thank you…. that’s always good for the ego lol

justa_foxx_in_soxx: yes it is lol
So Leroy, what do you think of the GoodTimes website?
LeroySmith: I haven’t been there much. It’s hard for me to judge. What I do know is that I miss a few things like an agenda for the concerts. I also noticed that not many members are involved on the website. Maybe that you corner will change that. I think it’s important to give the members a feeling of being involved.
justa_foxx_in_soxx: yes i think that’s a good idea hun…..so do you have any ideas for Carly’s Corner?
LeroySmith: Well, right now you are interviewing me but I strongly believe that other regular members should be interviewed too. That way we will learn more about the people we hang out with. It will contribute to a better understanding of each other. It will bond people. I also think good quality pictures should be added. justa_foxx_in_soxx: hey great idea on the pics and yes i’m planning to interview regular guests as well as fellow admin….just wanted to “do ” you first LOL
LeroySmith: I feel honoured… LOL

justa_foxx_in_soxx: you should ..LOL……na i’m kiddin…………so do you have a favourite male goodtimes singer ? Favourite female singer?
LeroySmith: Wow! That is always tricky because when you mention a singer you feel like letting down another one….. But let me see…. a favorite male singer…… That would be WiseOldMann…. because of his whole personality and the dedication he is showing. That man really stole my . I also like Levis’ singing and I think it’s a shame he’s doing it not quite often. And a female singer…… um…. you probably hope I’m gonna name you huh? . Well, I very much love your singing….. but it’s hard to name one. I very much liked Jadeflower’s singing but she seems not be around anymore….
justa_foxx_in_soxx: LOL@ me fishing for compliments……..i wasn’t realllllllly and i love to listen to those singers too
justa_foxx_in_soxx: What about all the concerts we have…..do u think they’re a good idea?
LeroySmith: Yes… the concerts are a good idea but…. Not as many as we did in the past. Personally I would say 2 concerts a month and I would change the format. Right now it’s 3 songs and 3 hands from the room. But I would give the performing artist more songs. Also I would like to take a better lo at quality. With all do respect for the members in the room who have fun…. not everybody is qualified to entertain during a concert. And let’s face it: that is what a concert is all about right ?
justa_foxx_in_soxx: that’s right too…..i’ve done one concert as you know and i was totally unprepared for it …..but i did enjoy it…maybe one day i’ll do another ….i love yours
last one darlin What do you think makes good times the best kara e room on paltalk??
LeroySmith: Who says it’s the best? Hahahahahahahaha…. I think it’s a mixture of friendship, dedication and talent. There are so many different people in this room and it’s always open. It’s a 24/7 room. But there’s a downside on this room too. You might need rehab after a while, hahahahahahaha
LeroySmith: And I would like to add this
I remember when Levis mother passed away the love he received from the staff and the members. That makes this room worthwhile
justa_foxx_in_soxx: yes i was proud of how many people showed how much we all care about him…he’s a great asset to the room
justa_foxx_in_soxx: and rofl@ rehab

LeroySmith: Yes…. I have a very high opinion about him
LeroySmith: And I would like to add a remark if possible
justa_foxx_in_soxx: sure hun
LeroySmith: I would like to point out the name of this room to all the members and staff. It contains the words good times and respect. Let’s live up to these words. Let make sure our room is and stays a place where people feel safe and respected and loved.
justa_foxx_in_soxx: awesome
ty darlin that’s it……..big hugzzzzzzzzzz to u
LeroySmith: Thank you. The pleasure was all mine. Hugsssssssssssss to you too